Water lilies


Artist Biography

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I am a self-taught, emerging artist who has always had an interest in art and drawing but have only seriously taken up the brushes within the last two years. I’m enjoying the perpetually fulfilling process of learning how to paint, and new techniques and approaches are forever coming to the fore.

As an arborist and gardener, I have a life-long interest in the natural world and my painting reflects that. Conversely, as a Londoner born and bred I also enjoy the urban environment, specially juxtaposed with nature, and I attempt to explore this also.

I paint mainly in oil on Dibond panels, a substrate with a totally smooth surface which enables almost endless manipulation of the paint, blending and developing in the process, following the paint along paths of artistic discovery. My source materials are generally photos I’ve taken or downloaded. I often manipulate and arrange them using the ever-useful Art app Procreate. Occasionally, I work from the memory or imagination.